In a recent article published October 21, in the Fort Fairfield Journal, titled “”Is Rep. John Martin Making This Money for Nothing?“, David Deschesne describes the facts about Mr. Martin’s position as the Director of the Center for Rural Sustainable Development.  In an attempt to ascertain what Mr. Martin does for UMFK, I sent a letter to campus president Dr. Deborah Hedeen dated October 23, asking for her assistance to the following: ” I ask that you ascertain what contributed to Martin’s salary increase, who approved it, the justification for it, and why the public sees no appreciable data online as to the success of the Center’s goals and Mr. Martin’s output in that success.  I would appreciate you responding to me with the results of your investigation. Secondly: “what is your position as the new President, on having Agenda 21, a United Nations initiative, in your college’s portfolio, given its hellish plan for humanity as Deschesne and DeWeese clearly articulate?

As of this morning, Monday, November 2, 2020, it’s been crickets from President Hedeen.  Voters going to the polls tomorrow ought to know the full story about Mr. Martin’s role at UMFK and why UMFK’s leadership is not willing to reply to some simple questions about his huge increase in pay, his role as Director, and whether Dr. Hedeen supports a UN based Agenda 21 initiative.  District #151 voters, you deserve the truth before election day.

It looks like the only way any of us will get the truth is by picking up the phone and calling the university and asking these two questions: Can you please explain Mr. Martin’s role and huge increase in pay this past April and why is UMFK supporting the UN Agenda 21 “sustainable development” plan to depopulate the world? (I recommend you watch the DeWeese video to fully understand the implications of sustainable development.  Before you make a call, here is a document showing the links to the online documents pertinent to this issue.

Read this document for specific links regarding the “Is Rep John Martin Making This Money for Nothing?” article appearing in the Ft. Fairfield Journal, Oct 21, 2020.

Numbers to call:  
Center for Rural Sustainable Development: 207-834-7568
UMFK Human Resources: 207-834-7844
UMFK Switchboard for President’s Office: 207-834-7883

Truth matters, and you deserve straight answers as taxpayers who help fund the operations at UMFK.  Let me know what you find out folks.


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