In case you missed it, a couple of former Maine GOP Legislators weighed in over the weekend on their plans to vote for Sleepy Joe:

Here’s my reply to the BDN, if they’ll run it:

Letter to the Editor: Bangor Daily News

I write to comment on the recent hit piece by Kevin Raye and Roger Katz and their decision to publically announce their support for Joe Biden for President in your paper. It is easy to see that Trump Derangement Syndrome is in fact, real. If I had to guess, Raye and Katz get all of their news and commentary straight out of the DNC mouthpieces that work for the main stream media.

Sadly, there are many Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) that occasionally muster the courage to tell the rest of the GOP party how out of touch we are with so-called real republicans. In other words, those thousands of GOP members showing up at Trump rallies around the country are really just deplorables with no sense of civility, full of disrespect, disregard and a bunch of liars, like this President.

Well, Mr. Raye and Mr. Katz, instead of flinging the proverbial DNC talking points, how about you two spend a little time to actually research and back up your rhetoric? I’m thinking you can start with your “Trump bashing of veterans comments. Bring one real witness forward. The Atlantic Magazine and Woodward have not, so maybe you two can put your heads together and really get that in writing so us deplorables can determine the validity of your claims.

With all the experience you seasoned GOP veterans have, I’m sure you can get this done pretty quickly. I’ll be waiting for your research. You can email me at if you don’t have the courage to ask the BDN to print your proofs on Trump and his team.

Submitted electronically,

Col (R) Kevin Bushey, Candidate
Maine House #151
94 Florence Ave
Ashland, ME 04732

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