I just recently met Rep Larry Lockman (R-Bradley) and yet I feel like I’ve known him all my life.  Larry weighs in from his perspective on the tyranny we’re witnessing out of Augusta.  After reading, consider donating the Maine First Project.  I have done so and I am looking forward continuing my support to MFP after election day.  Here’s Larry’s comments:

Dear Larry:

Did you or I really need a reminder that Governor Janet Mills and her chief lockdown lieutenant will never accept responsibility for the deadly consequences of their decisions?

Probably not! But I have to admit, some days I’m surprised at the lengths she will go in order to shift the blame to the victims of her dictatorial lockdown. Now her minions have stooped to blaming church-going Christians, taking aim at believers who live in Deplorable country, from the Katahdin region to rural Waldo County.

And who better to point the finger of blame away from himself and his bosses than the charlatan-in-chief whose failure to protect Maine’s most vulnerable citizens turned our nursing homes into killing fields?


As you know, Dr. Nirav Shah is the Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, making him the premiere public health “expert” in Maine state government. Before I detail his latest scapegoating routine, let’s refresh our recollections about his professional history….

Shah worked previously for the Ministry of Health in Cambodia before landing a government job in Illinois, where he mishandled repeated fatal outbreaks of Legionnaires disease at a state-run veterans’ home. The state of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Veterans’ affairs are being sued by the families of 12 veterans who lost their lives under Shah’s watch.

Gov. Mills and her Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) chief Jeanne Lambrew were well aware of the suffering and death Shah left in his wake in Illinois. They hired him anyway. In fact, Mills called him “superbly qualified” to head up the Maine CDC.

Since his debut as CDC chief hereI’m sure you’ve noticed the slobbering, rock-star, cult-hero adoration of Shah by Maine’s lying, dying Fake News media outlets. To honor them and him, I tagged Shah with the affectionate nickname, Dr. Shah Nah Nah. Every week day, the star-struck groupies masquerading as “journalists” who cover his press briefings shame their profession.

Shah oozes the same anti-Christian bigotry that animates his bosses Lambrew and Mills. His singular focus on alleged “outbreaks” at churches provides cover for the hideous, unsanitary conditions in state-licensed nursing homes where more than half the China virus fatalities have occurred.

But the Fake News groupies aren’t the least bit interested in asking Shah Nah Nah what percentage of Maine fatalities have been nursing-home residents. Is it 60 percent? 70 percent? 80 percent? Who cares!? Let’s pillory churches and pastors, and all the boomer rubes who admire Donald Trump. They’re the problem.

Real journalists outside Maine have taken notice, and exposed Shah and Lambrew as the derelicts they are.

Under the headline, Democrats Blame a Church 120 Miles Away for Corona Deaths in a Nursing Home Owned by a Democrat Mayor, here’s how investigative journalist and writer Daniel Greenfield described it:

“The wedding at the small church in East Millinocket is also being blamed for deaths at a nursing home in Madison, over 120 miles away, where a nursing assistant who had a sore throat, a cough, and was so sick that she was shaking, went on working for ten hours.

Was the Maplecrest Rehabilitation and Living Center staffer a wedding guest? No.

Democrat state officials claim that the virus was passed through a child who was at the wedding, who passed it to a parent, who was not at the wedding, who then passed it to a staffer, who might or might not be this nursing assistant.

Is this the likeliest way for the nursing home residents to have come down with the virus?”

Shah admitted at his daily briefing way back on April 13th that when you look for things, you find them. That’s how “contact tracing” works when you’re engaged in a cover-up. It’s not science, it’s science fiction. Shah Nah Nah is clearly looking for any link, no matter how tenuous and unsubstantiated, to get him off the hook for his dereliction of duty.


Shah’s allies and cheerleaders in the media have dutifully pushed the bogus narrative that churches are the hot spots. In the past few days, all of Maine’s TV and newspaper outlets have trumpeted the party line that church-goers in Brooks, Maine are selfish, reckless, and border-line homicidal.

But just as a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn, even the very Fake News reporters at the Portland Press Herald stumble into the truth once in a while.

Here’s a description of conditions last year at a Waldo County nursing home owned by the same Democrat politician who owns the Maplecrest facility in Madison:

“After her father’s roommate told Roberts’ wife he had gotten maggots on his feet from an infection, [Kelly] Reif said she took it upon herself during a visit last summer to purchase cleaning supplies and disinfect the room.

The floor in the room was filthy, sticky from urine spilling out of his urinal,’ she said. “The room smelled of infection and urine.‘ “

These unsanitary conditions in a state-licensed nursing home were reported long before the China virus appeared in Maine. But we’re supposed to believe that churches are more likely to be the dreaded “super-spreaders.”

Bottom line: Lambrew and Shah have zero credibility to lecture us about public health hazards. In fact, every word they utter should be greeted with profound skepticism. They’re both swamp critters who should stand trial for their failure to secure Maine’s nursing homes from the China virus.


Do I need to remind you that these public-health “experts” were notably silent about the 2,500 deranged Biden voters who jammed the streets of Portland on June 1st? At the time, Gov. Mills’ executive orders banned outdoor gatherings of more than 50 people.

During the riot that followed the street blockade, the mob hurled rocks, bricks, and bottles of urine at police officers. At least four businesses were looted, and dozens of others vandalized by rioters who weren’t practicing social distancing.

Unless I missed it, the Governor had nothing to say about the brazen violation of her executive order. And she was notably silent two months later when the Cumberland County District Attorney dropped all charges against the rioters.

Miraculously, there were no reported outbreaks of disease in the weeks and months following the Portland riots!

As we’ve said from the earliest days of the Mills dictatorship, this lockdown will kill more Mainers than the China virus. And there’s not a shred of scientific evidence that crushing Maine’s fragile small-business economy and suspending Constitutional government saved a single life.

Suicide, drug overdoses, and domestic violence are way up, while thousands of Mainers were denied life-saving cancer screenings and cardiac care in the months following Mills’ declaration of civil emergency.

Mainers who die from colon cancer next year or the year after because they were denied colonoscopies this year won’t be mourned by Dr. Shah Nah Nah at his daily press briefing. He doesn’t care about them. He only cares for himself.

Don’t take my word for it. When he was asked by a reporter back in April when Maine might return to normal, Shah Nah Nah replied that he hoped we will never return to normal, because he wants people to have a deeper appreciation of the importance of the work he and his colleagues do.

What a sick puppy this guy is!

And we’re stuck with him for the foreseeable future, and with his boss Janet Mills for another two years. So what to do in the meantime?

Stay informed, stay engaged, and vote as if your freedom and your livelihood are at stake! Because they are.

One-party rule in Augusta has done permanent damage to Maine’s culture and economy. Thousands of small, independent, mom-and-pop businesses have been crushed, never to re-open. Janet Mills’ ignorant, unjustified cancellation of Maine’s summer fair and festival season by itself destroyed the livelihoods of ten of thousands of Mainers.

Denying her Democrat majorities in either or both legislative bodies will help Maine survive the next two years. On November 3rd, we can tap the brakes on Mills’ mad rush to wreck Maine’s economy.

When the election is over, Maine First Project will continue to shine a light into the darkest corners of the Augusta swamp. We will be your eyes and ears at the Coliseum on the Kennebec.

You can help make that happen by supporting our team with a contribution. Whether it’s $10, $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford, your gift will enable Maine First Project to reach more Mainers, and mobilize them for the battles ahead.

Thanks for all you do every day to make Maine such a special place.


Rep. Lawrence Lockman
Co-founder & President
Maine First Project

PS     All 186 seats in the Maine Legislature are up for grabs on November 3rd. As you know, many of these legislative races will be decided by razor-thin margins. It’s not uncommon for candidates to win a seat by 40 or 50 votes.

Unfortunately, Mainers won’t be able to unseat the current Governor. And it will be a while before we can begin to undo the damage her ruthless lockdown has imposed on our culture and economy.

But you and I can deprive her of the mindless one-party monopoly that rubber-stamps her Leftist agenda in the House and Senate! And we can start preparing for the 2022 gubernatorial election cycle, when all 186 legislative seats will again be up for grabs.

Our team at Maine First Project will continue to keep you informed. Help us expand our reach by encouraging friends and family members to subscribe to our email updates.

Thanks again for being a Maine First patriot!

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