So, Governor Mills has effectively locked Maine down for another 30 days. I am reminded of my attempts to get my current representative, also my opponent, Mr. Martin, to intervene way back in May.  You can read my letter to Representative Martin at your leisure. Legislators take an oath to support and defend our Constitution as a requirement to hold public office. My letter simply asked Representative Martin whether he shall adhere to what he swore to protect and hold Governor Mills accountable for her actions against the people of Maine by denying them their constitutional rights under law. Unfortunately Representative Martin never replied back.  I guess this speaks to the level of concern he has for the good citizens of District #151. Is Representative Martin in violation of his own oath? Maybe, but you can decide whether his lack of inaction rises to that level or not.

As for me, I suspect then Senator Martin, in the 2002 time-frame, knew exactly what he was supporting when he cast his vote for the passage of Section 741 of Tile 37-B, Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management, that states: “In the event of disaster beyond local control, the Governor may assume direct operational control over all or any part of the emergency management and public safety functions within the State.” It is interesting to note that at that time, none other than “Representative” Janet Mills, a member of the Judiciary Committee, likely had her hand in moving this legislation along.  Did she know some day she would yield that mighty Section 741 as our future Governor?  And you know the kicker to all of this situation we find ourselves in this election season, Aroostook County was never in a “beyond local control” disaster status per the response I got from our Aroostook County Emergency Management Director, Mr. Darren Woods. The questions I sent along with his response are uploaded here too. And you thought there was a pandemic in the County….

So, now that Florida has opened up, South Dakota never closed, and others about to open up, one has to ask, what is going on in Maine?  Maybe this image speaks to it, you decide:

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