From Peggy Hall’s substack:

Over the last several days, I’ve posted about several actions that you personally can take to protect your freedom and live in dignity and integrity.

I’m less interested in national movements to take care of defending truth and freedom. That’s giving up your power and independence to others. Instead, when YOU choose to not participate in the hogwash — regardless of the cost — that is what matters.

Imagine if every single person showed up for their flight bare-faced, breathing oxygen. How many flights would be cancelled before the airlines would find a way to accommodate the passengers? Or if every single student showed up to school without suffocating themselves. How long would that last? As. you know, far too many caved and complied and that is how we got into this fix in the first place.

It is not up to others to stand up for your rights — only YOU can do so.

I’ve already covered many actions you can take here and here… but more ideas came to mind, so I share them for you in my latest video. My goal is to inspire, inform, educate, encourage and empower you to take positive action in a way that makes sense for you.

1. Stop watching mainstream news. (As a reader of this substack, you likely already do not believe or even watch the mainstream merry-go-round media.) Go to direct sources for information.

3. Get children out of public schools. I have a helpful answer to any objection, excuse or justification to keep them in school.

4. Focus on all the GOOD things that are happening – they are!

5. Get yourself healthy in mind, body and spirit. Increase your endurance, determination.

6. Stop arguing with others. They have to discover the truth on their own, like you did! The info is there, it is up to them to find it.

7. Don’t buy into the spin-meisters (masquerading as freedom fighters). If all they are peddling is doom & gloom, you’re at risk of being manipulated!

8. Take breaks from it all. There is more to life than anticipating and dreading the next hogwashing hoax.

9. Figure out what you can control (your thoughts, emotions and actions) and what you can’t (the thoughts, emotions and actions of others) and act accordingly.

10. ENJOY each day, fully and freely, knowing God alone numbers your days.

11. Don’t let the tyrants steal your soul! Terrorism is based on the fear of something happening, much more than carrying out the event. Don’t give in, give up or give over your peace of mind!

12. Pray. This is a spiritual battle and requires spiritual weapons. The Book of Ephesians chapter 6 explains it very well:

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