I find it quite concerning that Red states are opening for business while blue states, like Maine, are still in various levels of lockdown, self-quarantine, and multiple violations of constitutional rights occurring daily throughout the state. I’ve taken the time and effort to go to Augusta twice in the last 30 days to support rallies where Legislative Patriots including John Deveau, Caribou, Chris Johansen, Monticello, and others, have urged Maine citizens to wake up and let your elected officials know that what is being perpetrated upon Maine’s citizens is not only wrong, but unconstitutional in so many ways.

I heard Rick Savage of Sunday River Brewing in Bethel describe how Governor Mills is doing her best to keep his operation closed by pulling his state issued licenses. I heard a doctor from Bridgewater describe how a 80+ female tried wearing a mask, couldn’t breath, as a result, had a mild stroke losing eyesight in one eye. When trying to find an eye doctor to treat her, upon presentation to the hospital, she was told she would have to quarantine for 14 days as she had “crossed county lines.”

Aroostook County and Maine citizens, how long do we allow this insanity to continue? It seems there are some Maine Patriots who happen to be republicans who care deeply and are doing something about it. My thanks go out to Representatives Deveau and Johansen for their efforts to get Maine open.

A fellow blogger stated recently, the deep state dems “don’t care about you, your job, or your health. All they care about is their power, money and votes. They will destroy everything to retain control.” Is this the future you want for your family?

As for the Aroostook County Democrat representatives, well, they are nowhere to be seen. Crickets, nothing. I urge voters to remember what we are witnessing right now on November 3. Retire these incumbent democrats. They are not serving you, rather their own interests and the governor’s and her handlers to see to it that they bankrupt Maine by August 31.

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