A recent whistleblower indicates Maine’s State Polic may be using new technology, such as facial recognition software, to illegally spy on Maine citizens. Here’a clip from a recent article:
“The lack of disclosure prevents public oversight to ensure that people’s privacy and constitutional rights are being respected. Advanced technologies make it possible for authorities to conduct mass surveillance, including collecting cellphone information and comparing the images of suspected criminals against databases of people who are not suspected of committing any crimes. The technology can track people’s movements and help determine groups and individuals with whom a person associates. And the lack of transparency does not allow the public to know whether the government is being a good steward of tax dollars.” Source: https://w2pcms.com/2020/02/09/maine-state-police-may-be-spying-on-you/

When I get to Augusta as the next representative for District #151, I will be looking further into this issue. If we don’t return to full Constitutional government, we will continue to see our liberty and freedom erode to where 1984 is our new reality.

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