Tactical Civics™ Northeast Region Zoom Meeting- Transcript
2 July 2024 Host: Jon Ellis, Regional Coordinator
Speaker: David M. Zuniga, Tactical Civics™ Founder

Thanks for inviting me to visit with you tonight.
If it’s okay with you, Jon, I’d like to lay down some foundation before you all start asking questions about our mission, which I’ll be delighted to answer as best I can, after. But given the comical bizarro-world America has become for 23 years now, like a circus freak show parade, I really want to drop some basic but vital concepts for you to think about later, okay? All right. Consider four facts of our universe that Americans took for granted for three centuries, and serious Christians still do today:

First: God and Satan do exist.
Second: Heaven and Hell do exist.
Third: God made us in at least some aspects in His image, so unlike dumb animals, we have rationality. We can process abstract concepts, learn from mistakes, and even attain a measure of wisdom. But because sin is humanity’s default setting since Adam, stupidity also exists.
Fourth: People choose sin and choose stupidity; they aren’t inescapable. But because sinners don’t like the word sin, and stupid people don’t like the word stupid, we have tens of millions of very courteous, inoffensive gaslighting victims watching criminals and animals destroying our civilization and they just sit like mental patients in a loony ward of their own making.

Gaslighting is a psychological term for a tactic used to make a victim or victims believe in a totally false situation, despite what they can clearly see with their own eyes. A perpetrator knows that his gaslighting is effective when victims finally divorce themselves from their senses, including common sense, and just believe whatever lies the perpetrator tells them is reality, even if they’re really blatant and the massive crimes and lies go on for…oh, say 23 years now.

If the intended victims have IQs higher than room temperature, gaslighting doesn’t work; even if the lies are cleverly hidden and not too blatant. But gaslighting does work on victims who are stupid, no matter how obvious and blatant the lies are. They start believing they’re going insane because that’s the only way their mind can resolve the sensory-cognitive dissonance.
According to the apostle Paul in what we call chapter 1 of his letter to the church in Rome, when a population refuses to glorify God, He gives them over to stupidity and 23 other social maladies and sins. According to Jesus Himself, most of humanity takes that route; they refuse to sincerely glorify God. They either treat our Creator as if He’s a nice fantasy, or as if they might be able to make Him their bellboy, or as if He doesn’t exist. So, in all times and places, most human beings are stupid because God gives them over to it. God won’t be mocked.

That was German evangelist Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s thesis in a letter from prison, before Hitler had him hanged. He said that most people are stupid; that stupid people are even more dangerous to society than evil people are, and for that reason, Bonhoeffer said that he refused to deal with stupid people.
Forty years later, an Italian economic historian named Carlo Cipolla took Bonhoeffer’s thesis quite a bit further in a little book entitled The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity. Among other things, Cipolla said that stupidity is:
1) Far more prevalent than people would believe;
2) Independent of level of education, socioeconomic factors, nationality, or period in history;
3) Far more destructive to society than plain evil is.

Now, if you wonder why I’m talking about Romans 1 and God giving people over to stupidity, it’s because THAT is America’s real problem. Not until the Holy Spirit filled in that fundamental blank, were 45 people over 16 years able to fruitfully spend more than 80,000 hours developing the ONLY full-spectrum, Christ-honoring, lawful, peaceful, unprecedented SOLUTION to the lunacy all around us, that actually began when Lincoln was in the White House.

Thousands of books, essays, speeches, papers, declarations and websites have been offered to Americans since the 9/11 crime was rolled out by the Deep Axis as its first large-scale gaslighting test. As a former engineer having designed steel multistory buildings, I knew beyond a doubt the minute I first watched it on the morning of 9/11 that Washington DC, on behalf of the banking and industry titans of earth, was perpetrating another Fort Sumter…another USS Maine…another Black Tom Explosion and HMS Lusitania…another Pearl Harbor…another Tonkin Bay scam.
This time, I was one of hundreds of engineers and scientists who had the data, the video evidence, the collapse mechanics, the conservation of energy equations, the materials science, the blatant, even cynical tampering with and removal of evidence. I wasted my time in that pointless engineering circle-jerk for six years before finally praying to God to please show me our real problem and solution. Beginning April 2008, the Holy Spirit did; this mission and all of our books, articles, podcasts, videos and 1,650 county chapters have resulted so far, thank God.
Saints, this is not another ‘constitution appreciation’ outfit. This is not some whistleblower like the thousands who have come from within government to tell the truth, and were silenced and buried by the DCCP. Tactical Civics™ is the first time in all of history that an entire subpopulation – eventually numbering maybe a million or a few million! – can restore a fallen civilization, by repenting before God and taking up a responsible new way of life, overseeing our servants and enforcing the most magnificent Constitution ever written.

Check out Tactical Civics at https://tacticalcivics.com .
For information on the Aroostook County chapter, contact me at tcaroostook@gmail.com

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